Tallink Grupp’s vessel Romantika will sail to Sassnitz, Germany to bring home Estonians stranded in Europe

📌 Tallink Grupp’s vessel Romantika will sail to Sassnitz, Germany to bring home Estonians stranded in Europe📌Update: the destination of Romantika departing from Germany has been changed to the Port of Riga📌

Tallink Grupp in partnership with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send Tallink Grupp’s vessel Romantika to Germany tonight to help and bring home Estonians and Latvians currently stranded in Europe due to closed borders. Romantika will sail to the Port of Sassnitz, Germany (http://www.faehrhafen-sassnitz.de/).

17. March 2020 – 15:10

“We worked all through the night last night to help Estonians stranded on the German-Polish border return home. As the situation currently stands, it is not possible by land. I am grateful to Tallink for its quick response and cooperation in helping Estonian people,” Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu said.

Romantika will depart from the Port of Riga, Latvia tonight, 17 March at 20.00 at the earliest. All German citizens who wish to use this opportunity to get home to Germany can buy tickets for this departure from the Riga terminal from 19.00 onwards. The journey from Riga to Sassnitz will take approximately 24 hours.

Romantika will depart from Sassnitz on Wednesday, 18 March at 23.55 local timeThe ship will sail to the Port of Riga, Latvia (https://www.tallinksilja.com/riga-passenger-terminal) and will arrive in Riga on Thursday, 19 March at 23.55 local time.

Tickets for the Sassnitz-Riga departure can be purchased by Estonian citizens on Tallink’s website www.tallink.ee and by Latvian citizens on Tallink Latvia’s website www.tallink.lv Ticket sales for the Sassnitz-Riga departure will be opened on 17 March 2020. Purchasing the ticket on the website prior to departure is mandatory. All passengers will be accommodated in cabins and will have the opportunity to purchase food on board.

International cargo transportation companies can book cargo transportation for the Riga-Sassnitz departure for tonight, 17 March. Companies interested in booking cargo transportation for the Riga-Sassnitz departure should contact the Tallink Cargo team immediately. (Cargo office Latvia contacts: email [email protected]; telephone: +371 6709 9707).

Negotiations will continue during this evacuation to reach an agreement according to which Romantika could continue to sail on the Sassnitz-Ventspils route also after the current trip to ensure a transport corridor between Germany, Latvia and Estonia.

We would like to remind all passengers that from 17 March 2020 entry restrictions are in force on the Estonian borders. More information regarding the restrictions and rules of entry can be found on the Estonian Foreign Ministry website: https://vm.ee/et.We urge all passengers to check that they have the right to enter the Republic of Estonia and Latvia before purchasing a ticket.

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