New entry rules for the citizens of the Russian Federation

The Government of the Republic of Estonia has approved a decision restricting the granting of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation and the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation on Schengen visas issued by Estonia at the external borders of the Republic of Estonia from 18.08.2022. By way of exception, the residence permit in Estonia will be extended for one year for students who are about to graduate from Estonian higher education institutions.

From 18.08.2022, citizens of the Russian Federation will be allowed to enter Estonia:

  • if they hold a long-term or temporary residence permit in Estonia
  • who come to Estonia to visit close relatives
  • Russian diplomats working in Estonia and members of their families
  • workers engaged in international cargo and passenger transportation
  • citizens enjoying the right of free movement under the European Union law
  • persons entering Estonia for humanitarian reasons

The decision restricts the possibilities of entry into Estonia for Russian citizens who hold a valid visa issued by Estonia and who wish to enter Estonia for the purpose of tourism or business trips, to participate in sporting or cultural events in Estonia. This decision does not restrict the possibility of entry from Estonia to other Schengen countries for persons holding a visa or residence permit issued by the competent authorities of another Schengen Convention member state.

For further information please visit the website of The Government of Republic of Estonia: