The Sustainable Future for Plattenbau

Donnerstag 06.06.2019 to Donnerstag 06.06.2019

Cities are living entities and therefore start showing signs of age and decay over time. It is primarily important to strive for urban regeneration projects that are sustainable as well as economically sensible. The cities in Estonia and parts of Berlin have at least one thing in common – huge modernist-era apartment block boroughs, which are in need of transforma-tion. Therefore, to discuss in a lively and interactive manner the best ways to implement sustainability in architecture, the Estonian Embassy will bring together architects, urbanists and visionaries both from Estonia and Germany. We will focus on what has been done already and what remains to be discovered in order to transform the extensive modernist legacy. Could it be that timber is the most sustainable and flexible solution for the complex problems to be tackled with the regeneration of these areas?


10:00 – Welcoming words by the Ambassador of Estonia H.E. Mr. Mart Laanemäe – Why is the House, which accommodates Estonian Embassy in Berlin (Hildebrandstrasse 5) unique?

10:10 – Andrus Kõresaar – modernist-era apartment block boroughs / Plattenbau – burden or opportunity? Challenges and problems based on Estonian experience. Estonian experience in European context (exact wording tbc).

Andrus Kõresaar is an architect, Partner in KOKO Architecture bureau (

10:50 – Guntram Jankowski – General overview about German Plattenbau legacy. (Exact wording tbc)

Guntram Jankowski is an architect, member of Architektenkammer Berlin (

11:30 – Coffee break

11:45 – Renee Puusepp – „A Quest For Wooden Cities“

The presentation discusses the possibility of creating a timber-based supply chain for mass-customised production and delivery of housing. We are going to briefly look into technologies, designs and methods that make it possible to build a sustainable alternative to Plattenbau

Renee Puusepp is an architect, researcher and construct entrepreneur. He is a founder of Creatomus Solutions – an Estonian construction technology start-up working towards mass-customising the construction sector. Renee leads the modular housing research group at the Department of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts (

12:30 –  Julia Heinemann – Individual experience in renovation and modernisation of Plattenbau legacy, some considerations for future handling of Plattenbau Architecture. (Exact wording tbc)

Julia Heinemann, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (

13:00 – Nora Sophie Griefahn (will it be You who is going to introduce the project?) – Introduction of a Renovation Project of a Berlin Plattenbau inspired by Cradle to Cradle (exact wording tbc).

Nora Sophie Griefahn is the manager of Cradle to Cradle – Wiege zur Wiege e.V. (

13:30 – Buffet lunch, networking



Donnerstag 06.06.2019 to Donnerstag 06.06.2019