Estonia and Germany celebrate a hundred years of diplomatic relations

Today, Estonia and Germany are celebrating the centenary of their diplomatic relations. On 9 July 1921, Germany recognised the independence of Estonia de jure. It was a step that laid the basis for formal diplomatic communication between the two countries.

Germany and Estonia have a lot of common history and their relations have undergone many changes in the past century. Today, Estonia and Germany are good partners in the European Union and NATO, and share common fundamental values.

For a better insight into our diverse cultural history, the Estonian Embassy in Berlin is organising a series of lectures on the diplomatic relations of Estonia and Germany through the ages. Dr Eero Medijainen, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Tartu, gave the first lecture yesterday 8 July, focusing on the international recognition of Estonia in 1920-1922. Future lectures will cover the foreign policy, culture and shared history of Estonia and Germany.

On the official day of the centenary, a formal concert is organised at the Estonian Embassy in Berlin, with special performances by Kadri Voorand and Mihkel Mälgand. Buddy Bär, the bear sculpture in front of the embassy, will also be decked out in festive gear. Estonian fashion designer Reet Aus designed the outfit for the bear. More information about the events marking the centenary is available on the website of the Estonian Embassy in Berlin.

The timeline of diplomatic relations between Estonia and Germany (in Estonian)

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