ESTO 2019, June/July

XII international Estonian culture festival ESTO 2019 takes place from 28.06 to 03.07.2019 in Helsinki, Tartu and Tallinn.

ESTO 2019 will take place one week before the National Song and Dance Festival. The international festival brings together Estonians and their friends from around the globe, to celebrate Estonian heritage, culture, sports and community in Estonia.

The festival begins with an open air event in central Helsinki on June 28. This will be followed by an opening party on the Tallink-Silja Line’s M/S Silja Europa, which will bring ESTO 2019 participants to Tallinn. The festival moves on to Tartu, where a global Estonian ESTO song festival will be held in the historic Town Hall Square.
A youth congress and global fraternity get-togethers will be organized, with ESTO pub nights capping off each evening. Performers, already participating in the Song and Dance Festival, will also perform at the ESTO 2019 opening in Helsinki and the ESTO Song Festival in Tartu. ESTO program

“The ESTO tradition started in 1972, when Estonians from around the world gathered in Toronto to celebrate their culture. These events were critically important to maintaining our language, culture and community during the Soviet occupation, outside of Estonia,” explains ESTO 2019 chairman Sirle Sööt. “It’s just as important now for our global Estonian community to come together and be connected with our culture and each other in Estonia in 2019.”

There will be three levels of ESTO passes available for sale starting in October, with a discounted rate available until December 31. More information HERE


ESTO Executive Committee
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Information: Sirle Sööt
chairman for the Esto2019 Executive Committee
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