Yesterday 12 March, the Government of Estonia declared an emergency situation in response to the pandemic spread of the coronavirus in the world. Estonia’s borders are open, however, in order to stop the spread of the virus, there are certain recommendations and measures in place.

Out of consideration for the health of international visitors as well as residents of Estonia, we recommend postponing your trips.

People coming from a risk area or who have contracted the virus/been in close contact with those affected are recommended to postpone any plans to travel to Estonia.

Anyone whose travel to Estonia from risk areas is unavoidable must remain in self-isolation for 14 days, effective from Monday, 16 March.

At border crossing points, health checks will be employed to detect the symptoms of the coronavirus in people. People will also need to start filling in forms upon entering the country in order to identify the origin of their stay.

Health will also be monitored in airports and ports. The requirement to fill in forms will be introduced similarly to the land border crossing points.

Package cruises on the Tallinn-Stockholm route are suspended. Regular ferry traffic continues but measures to limit the spread of the virus will be developed and implemented in cooperation with shipping companies.

The measures to limit the spread of the virus will be developed and implemented in cooperation with the shipping company.

Estonian residents are advised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia not to plan holiday travel for the coming months. We also ask to seriously consider the necessity of other travel (business trips, visits to family and friends, etc.). The risk of being quarantined or finding yourself in areas affected by restricted movement may arise very suddenly while travelling.

The risk areas as determined by the government committee on 13 March, based on recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and risk evaluation, are: China, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Egypt. This list is subject to change.

The exact details of self-isolation are being worked out by the Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by 16 March. Further details will be clarified in due course.

More information on measures in place during the emergency situation: https://www.valitsus.ee/en/news/government-declared-emergency-situation-…
FAQ for tourists: https://vm.ee/en/coronavirus-2019-ncov

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