Virtual forum for Global Estonians

Tuesday 13.04.2021 to Tuesday 13.04.2021

Dear Estonians all over the world, come join tomorrow, on 13 April the first virtual forum for Global Estonians!

🌍 At the forum, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will present the plans and activities for Global Estonians and the results of the survey conducted last year. Hille Hanso, a political scientist and journalist living in Turkey, and Ellen Valter, a lawyer living in Canada, will also speak at the forum, talking about their activities and thoughts on how Global Estonians could keep in touch with their homeland.

👉 The virtual forum will take place on 13 April at 17.00-19.00 (Estonian time) on Worksup where the programme is also available:

The virtual forum will be available for subsequent viewing.

Tuesday 13.04.2021 to Tuesday 13.04.2021